Candlelight Walk

The candlelight walk starts each evening at Tesco's. It is a meditative walk. If you present yourself at Tesco's Customer Services with a greenish jam jar, Tesco's will pop in a free tea light. We walk fairly slowly to the Town Hall, preferably without talking, but taking great care when we cross roads.

The candlelight walk is part of the Green Vigil.

The word vigil comes from the Latin vigilia, meaning watchfulness. Watchfulness is used to protect, observe or prepare. It is taking time out from day-to-day concerns of living. So, in the green vigil we allow our minds to stop and rest with climate change and with the nature crisis. We know there will be fear in facing that, but knowing that fear will appear, we can persevere, keeping our minds steady. We know that there will be feelings such as "all too huge" and "too much for me", and so we are prepared for those as well.

The vigil is not a time for working out answers; that comes later. We don't have to know the answer, just be open to the possibility that there is an answer. During the vigil we watch. We see something and we stay with it. This is the same in the Green Vigil Candlelight Walk.

At any time during the week, anyone is welcome to sit in the chair in the green Pyramid. The Egyptians believed that the shape of the pyramid increased the energy inside. Those sitting are invited to let their mind fall quiet and connect with the energy building in humanity to fight climate change and the nature crisis.